Principal's Message

Since her establishment in 1981, Pabna Cadet College is going on with her motto ‘Perseverance is Success’. She encourages all sorts of intellectual curiosity and thirst for knowledge; and thus, develops very refined culture of education. It is indeed an ideal seat of learning for the young boys of Secondary and Higher Secondary Levels. Here, in this college, more than three hundred cadets ranging from class VII to class XII receive their education along with elementary military training. Learned teachers and skilled trainers cordially help them attain their mental, physical and social growth. Here cadets go through a series of scheduled curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular activities, which in the long run enable them to face the challenges of life.   

The institution caters the needs of cadets and provides them with multidimensional opportunities to expose their dormant potentialities. As a result, cadets always feel encouraged to strive for their all round development. With a view to ensuring this achievement, the college gives emphasis on trilateral coordination of parents, pupils and preceptors, which proves very effective in all cadet arenas of development and achievement. As for example, our cadets have earned remarkable success in different National Television Debate and Essay Writing Competitions along with International Public Speaking and Global Competency Award competitions.

Since her inception, Pabna Cadet College completes 37 years of her journey. Now her cadets are well-established both at home and abroad. We are proud of their career and contribution, and it is working as a guiding force to the present generation of cadets too. Keeping this point in mind, the College is taking all possible care and steps for the nourishment of her young souls.

May Allah bless us all.

Md. Enayet Hossain, Principal, PCC

Seat Plan Intake Exam-2019 Adamjee

Seat plan intake exam 2019 Adamjee cant. School centre.View

Special Vacation For Cadets (Except Jsc Candidate)

This is informed by the AHQ that all cadets will go to special vacation on 14th October 2018 and come back on 21th October 2018.Only class VII...View

Test Examinations-2018 Of Class X

Test Examinations-2018 of class X will be started on 29th September 2018.View

Pre-Test And Test Examinations 2018

1.Pre-Test Examinations-2018 of class XII will be started on 12th September 2018. 2.Test Examinations-2018 of class VIII will be start...View

Hsc Examination Result 2018

In the year 2018 HSC examination total 49 cadets appeared at the exam from Pabna Cadet college under the Rajshahi board amongs 49 all of ...View

Payment Of College Blezer 2018: Class Vii & Xi

৭ম ও ১১শ শ্রেণীর ক্যাডেটদের ব্লেজারের মূল্য পরিশোধ প্রসংগে জমা দেয়ার শেষ তারিখ: 15 নভেম্বর 2018 For details click Attachment/ViewView

Payment Of Various Dues Of 2019

2019 সালের ক্যাডেটদের বিভিন্ন পাওনা পরিশোধ প্রসংগে জমা দেয়ার শেষ তারিখ: 30 নভেম্বর 2018 For details click Attachment/ViewView

Tender Notice (No:1/2018-19)

ক্যাডেট মেসে বিভিন্ন খাদ্যদ্রব্য/মালামাল সরবরাহ ও পোষাক পরিচ্ছদ ধোলাই/ইস্ত্রি সিডিউল বিক্রয় ও দাখিলের শেষ তারিখ: 28 নভেম্বর হতে 11 ডিসেম্বর 2018 দরপত্রসম...View

Tender Notice (No:2/2018-19)

কলেজের বিভিন্ন সরবরাহ/মেরামত/নির্মাণ কাজের দরপত্র বিজ্ঞপ্তি সিডিউল বিক্রয় ও দাখিলের শেষ তারিখ: 10 ডিসেম্বর হতে 24 ডিসেম্বর 2018 দরপত্রসমূহ: For...View

Change Of Bank Account Number

ক্যাডেটদের কলেজ ফি, বিলম্ব ফি ও জরিমানা পরিশোধের ব্যাংক হিসাব নম্বর পরিবর্তন প্রসঙ্গে   For details click Attachment/ViewView

Inter House Basketball Competition-2018


Inter House Basketball Competition-2018 will be held on 09th October to 11th October 2018 among three houses at the PCC PT Parade ground. View

Inter House Volleyball Competition-2018


Inter House Volleyball Competition-2018 will be held on 06th October to 07th October 2018 among three houses at the PCC playground. View

General Knowledge Competition-2018


Inter House General Knowledge Competition will be held on 19th July 2018. View

Inter House Indoor Games Competition-2018


Inter House Indoor Games Competition will be held on 15th July 2018 to 17th July during games time. View

Inter House Novices Drill Competition-2018


Inter House Novices Drill Competition-2018 will be held on 21st July 2018 in parade ground during PT/PARADE time. View

Achievement Of Cadets In Different Categories

Achievement Of Cadets In Different Categories... Cadet Name Cadet Number Class Achiev... View

College Achievements

Our cadets have marked their steps in various fields as stated below. 1. Board 1st in HSC and SSC exams in the year 2009, 2010 and 2011. 2. O... View