Principal's Message

Pabna Cadet College keeps high of its motto ``Perseverance is Success’’ since its establishment on 07 August 1981. It was firstly a Residential Model School. Mr. Abdul Bashar, the then Principal of Residential Model School, handed over its full control to Mr. Syed Salimullah, Project Director and founder Principal of Pabna Cadet College on 15 May 1981. The College began to run with a total strength of 170 boys of the former Residential Model School in four classes. At present, we have 320 cadets in six classes.

Pabna Cadet College is an ideal nestle for the cadets who enjoy all sorts of scholarly inquisitiveness and thirst for knowledge, and thus, it develops a very sophisticated culture of education in an encouraging milieu that ensures wisdom, learning as well as responsibility. It is indeed an ideal seat of learning for the young boys of secondary and higher secondary levels along with elementary military training. With the devotion and endeavor of the experienced teachers and the skilled trainers the cadets attain their intellectual, mental, physical as well as social ripeness. Being enlivened with the morale of the motto our cadets have earned remarkable success in public examinations, ICCLMM, various National Television Debate and Essay Writing Competitions along with International Public Speaking and Global Competency Award Competitions.

Pabna Cadet College provides the cadets with manifold prospects to externalize their latent potentialities and thus, they always feel confident to strive for all round development. To ensure these laurels and achievements this institution puts emphasis on trilateral coordination of parents, pupils and preceptors, which proves very effective in all cadet arenas of development and achievement. As a result, our ex-cadets’ are doing fine in their professional life by earning name and fame home and abroad.

I appreciate your further queries regarding this renowned institution. May God bless us all.


Mr. Muhammad Abdul Kabir, Acting Principal, PCC

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Invitation For Tender Notice - 2021

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