Birsreshtho Captain Mohiuddin Jahangir Academy Block

This is a three storeyed building which is one of the main attractions of the college. On the top of it, there is a digitalized library named Birsreshtho Munshi Abdur Rouf Library with the facilities of library, book store and a Liberation War Corner.

On the first floor,there is the Vice Principal's Office, Stuff Lounge, college archieve and 12 class rooms for 6 classes and the Department of Social Science.

On the ground floor, there is the Principal's Office, Adjutant's Office, Accounts Officer's Office, auditorium, Admin Office, Accounts Office, Combined Lecture Hall 1 and 2, computer lab, Biology department and lab, Chemistry department and lab, Physics department and lab, department  of English, Bangla, Mathematics, ICT, Islamic Studies , Statistics and Arts & Crafts.

Titumir House

There are so many devoted souls in the history of independence of our country from 1757 to 1971 who sacrificed their lives for the sake of our mother land. Syed Mir Nisar Ali Titumir was such a valiant patriot to be the first man to fight against British colonial rule and was martyred for the great cause of our country’s independence. Showing respect to his unprecedented sense of patriotism, our house has been named Titumir House. The goal is to produce thousands of devoted souls like him from the green flat of Pabna Cadet College. Cherishing his ideals in the core of our hearts, we will continue to uphold the marvelous heritage of our House. 

Foundation                              : 5th August, 1982.

House Motto                           : Determination, Honesty, Devotion.

House Colour                          : Green.

House Strength                       : 102


Bhasani House

The crimson-glow in the eastern sky indicates the beginning of a new day, new dawn. And everyone of the House-soul wants to get the taste of success with the glowing enlightened morning. With this only one thing, one voice always comes out, “We will bring crimson dawn” and that’s the motto of Bhasani House. Bhasani House is a name, an inspiration, a fort of aristocracy. This house has started its journey with the name of the great inspirational and proletarian leader of Bangladesh, Maulana Abdul Hamid Khan Bhasani. Nourishing the Motto, ‘We will bring crimson dawn’, the Bhasanians are advancing forward through the dazzling path of success as the days are passing on.

Foundation                  : August 8, 1982

House Motto               : “We will bring crimson dawn.”

House Colour              : Blue

House Strength           : 100

Siraji House

A magnificent flower blooms from the bud. The beautiful full moon grows gradually from a small shape. Similarly a man becomes extra-ordinary from an ordinary one; but to be any of these- what is needed is the enthusiasm of thunderstorm. And we, the Sirajians, being inspired by the enthusiasm of thunderstorm, start our journey of our cadet life, a journey to be the leader of the nation, a journey to be the topmost from the top.

Foundation                              : 5th August, 1982

Motto                                      : We are enthusiastic like thunderstorm

House Colour                          : Red

House Strength                       : 102

Physical Training And Parade Ground


This is one of the most significant places for becoming a complete cadet . Here the cadets enhance their physical fitness through performing their regular physical training and parade which ultimately bolden their confidence, stamina and discipline. Besides, cadets play basketball regularly here as a part of their enhancement of physical fitness.

Games Ground


Pabna Cadet College has a huge facility of playing different games on different grounds. As for example, there are two football grounds, one cricket grround, two basketball grounds and four volleyball grounds where all the cadets can play these games as a part of their regular fitness and recreation programme.

Athletics Ground


There is an athletics ground in front of the beautiiful Houses of the cadets which gets its highest beautification with the athletic performances of the cadets.